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Welcome to the Movie Trilogies website. We’re your online resource for reviews some of the best trilogies in film.

Movies are a picture window into a time and place that doesn’t exist — capturing people and places like a moving photograph.

Movies support one of the world’s most lucrative industries and cultural practices — movie-watching.

People are simply passionate about film. Of all the arts, movies are the most emotionally engaging, at times combining all the cultural elements of art, music, theater and literature into one film.

The Film Trilogy Appeal

Whether you are a fan of classic movies, sci-fi, are an action movie fan, love family movies, foreign films, or special editions — if there’s a movie trilogy worth talking about, it will find its way here.

Movie Film StripIf you’re a first timer and haven’t seen a specific series, then read about the story lines and characters and be sure to check out the movie trailers on our website — then you can decide for yourself if you want to watch, rent or own.

We love film trilogies because sometimes there’s more story to be told. Movies take us to places we have never been and inside the minds of people quite different from ourselves.

It opens a whole new fictional realm where anything seems possible and it allows us, for at least a while, to live in another world. How many times have you watched your favorite movies over and over again?

Our favorite film trilogies tell us that….

      • Good things can come in 3’s
      • Each viewing may reveal something new
      • Certain stories just resonate with us
      • Reaching for a sure thing gives us the ending we want

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How Does a Movie Trilogy Make You Feel?

When you watch a movie, you feel an emotional, visual and auditory pull you can’t get from any other entertainment medium.

Watch Movie TrilogiesWith so many film genres to choose from — science fiction, the classics, comedies, dramas, action-adventure, foreign, animated, documentary, historical or a host of others — it’s not hard to find a trilogy or film series that made an impact.

It’s this passion that makes movie trilogies so popular and why we like to own and collect DVDs and Blu-rays of our favorite films — because they meant something to us when we watched them for the first time and because they are that constant companion and friend who’s always there.

We hope you enjoy this website and find the content interesting — and maybe, the catalyst that stirs a memory.

We will continue to update you with news on just-released trilogies and those coming soon to DVD and Blu-ray.

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